10 Benefits of MCT Oil backed by Science

In the recent years of the pandemic, lockdowns were prevalent, and many people had no access to a personal gym or some training equipment they could use to stay fit during those times.

Some people needed to lose weight due to their illness, some needed it to gain back confidence, and others just wanted to stay fit and maintain their health.

There are several ways they can do it, but here are some benefits of MCT oil that can help you reduce weight and its corresponding benefits.

What is MCT Oil?

Medium-chain triglycerides or MCT oils help reduce weight and aid in dieting and muscle building. This is caused by the easily digested components of the MCT oil, hence, improving one's metabolic process and body-building capabilities.

This is made possible by the MCT oil's chemical composition, which is a medium-length chain of fats called triglycerides. This chemical structure is different from other oils such as olive oil and other dairy products— a long-chain triglyceride —which takes longer to digest than MCTs.

MCTs are a type of saturated fat found in certain foods or oils. They differ from long-chain fatty acids because the molecules contain shorter carbon chains: typically between six and twelve carbons long.

People often turn to MCT as an alternative to coconut oil due to common misconceptions about coconut oil's nutritional status.

MCT oil, coconut oil. Same same?

A lot of people are still confused about whether coconut oil and MCT oil are the same.

To be specific, coconut oil—whether virgin or not— contains MCT. However, the amount of MCT in coconut oils cannot compete with pure and saturated MCT oil.

While they possess similar benefits to a person's body, MCT oils are still a better option.

Coconut oil and MCT oils are often used interchangeably as they both provide a great source of healthy fats for cooking or baking, but how do they compare when it comes to health benefits such as promoting weight loss or supporting gut health?

Here's the lowdown on how these two oils stack up against each other!

Coconut oils
  • Around 54% of MCT
  • Made from natural coconuts
  • Contains lauric acid, which is also found in LCTs
MCT oils
  • 100% MCT
  • Made from a mixture of natural elements
  • Pure MCT performs better on ketogenic diets

Although they sound all too similar, they still have minor differences yet perform in different manners. The prices also do not differ from each other.

What are the 10 Benefits of MCT Oil?

Basically, a lot of things, mainly in the dieting part and keeping your body up and running for the day. So here are the ten benefits of MCT oils and why you should use them.

1. Makes you eat less but still feel full

In many of our days, we experience eating quite a lot of food yet feel unsatisfied or just want more and more of the excellent food. When it comes to dieting, eating less does not make you feel full and satisfied with the reduced amount of calories you have taken in, and you just keep on wanting to eat more.

But with, regular consumption of MCT oil, it helps you feel fuller much faster than when you have not yet tried it. A study suggests that a percentage of people who have taken a dosage of MCT oil for breakfast ate less food for their lunch and dinner.

This implies that a regular MCT oil consumption can help you eat less effectively, which is the first step when doing diets or losing weight for any reason at all.

2. It helps your gut stay healthy

The effectiveness of MCT oil in the human body does not remain in dieting alone; it also helps in diseases such as gastrointestinal complications. In hospitals, patients suffering from gastrointestinal complications were given a regular dose of MCT oil for consumption as it helps their gut neutralize the bacteria and it helps them give the nutrition they need.

In this study, patients with problems with their body absorbing fat are given controlled amounts of MCT oil. Why is that? MCT oils are easier to digest for them since their disorder forbids or decreases their ability to digest food properly.

3. MCT Oil is Perfect for Keto Diet

Ketogenic diets focus on reducing the carbohydrate intake in the body and replacing it with fats or saturated fats as a source of energy. Your body will now transition to a metabolic state called "ketosis," where your body will burn fat more efficiently.

Because of the nature of the ketosis diet and the MCT oil's capabilities, using MCT oil for your keto diet can help you improve your progress.

As mentioned above, it makes you feel full while eating less, and the fatty acids in the MCT oils can help you enter ketosis faster due to its nature being saturated fat.

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4. MCT Oil promotes weight loss

As for losing weight, MCT oil can also do wonders like it.

Based on a study, MCT oils perform better than olive oils and other oils in the case of weight reduction. This is made possible since MCTs have shorter chains and are much more saturated than a typical store-bought olive oil.

Another factor that should also be considered is that MCT oils can increase the rate of your stomach feeling "full" and satisfied, which leads to you not eating much, therefore losing weight.

5. MCT Oil enhances overall endurance

If you are going to the gym or just athletic in general, greater stamina and endurance is hard to achieve yet very rewarding when finally attained. Reducing other oils and consuming a controlled daily dosage of MCT oil plus your usual workout or exercise can lead to a noticeably enhanced endurance.

In this study, a combination of vitamins and consumption of MCT oil can combat sarcopenia or the loss of skeletal and muscle mass due to old age and weakness of the body.

6. Helps manage your blood sugar

Nowadays, controlling blood sugar is hard to do since almost all of the foods in the market contain much sugar already.

This is an ever-growing threat, most especially to the people who have diabetes or any disorders that create an anomaly in their blood sugar.

MCT oils, however, do control your blood sugar levels—in a positive way.

Study shows that people who had diabetes needed 30 percent less blood sugar after taking their dosage of insulin shots. This is compared to the consumption of LCTs. In addition to this, another study was conducted, and it showed the effectiveness of the use of MCT in reducing diabetes patients' weight—which is something that helps their condition.

7. It reduces the percentage of heart disease possibility.

Just like increased blood sugar levels, the percentage of people who suffer from heart diseases is at an all-time high.

With that said, cholesterol is one of the main causes of heart complications due to the fact that it can block your arteries and cause several problems such as heart attacks.

However, one of the things that can prevent you from contracting these is by having a regular consumption of MCT oils. With this, an improvement in your heart health will be possible since, according to this study, reducing fats and weight loss is already a sign of a healthy heart.

Either way, consumption of MCT oils increases the number of high-density lipoproteins (HDLs) or the so-called "good cholesterol" and reduces the production of low-density lipoproteins (LDLs) or the "bad cholesterol" in the body, which is something that one should aim for if they are striving to achieve better heart health.

8. Gives explosive energy

As mentioned before, MCT oils can help build athletic capabilities.

It also gives an energy boost, which should be utilized if one is doing physical activities. In this 2009 study, scientific evidence suggests that people involved in constant physical activity were able to endure more and stay in their activities more after consuming MCT oil.

Another scientific study worth mentioning says that metabolized MCT oil was able to produce a short burst of energy due to its fat-dissolving properties.

Although this was tested on animals, further research is still ongoing and results will be much more accurate as time goes by.

9. MCT Oil fights bacterial growth in the body

Bacterial growth in the body is normal, and you should not be afraid of it.

But excessive promulgation of bad bacteria in your body can lead to certain diseases that will surely give you a bad day one way or another.

In this study, they tried out how much bacteria will grow on different components, including MCT oils derived from virgin coconut oil. The result indicated that fewer bacteria grew on the specimen with the VCO-derived coconut oils, concluding that MCT oil possesses antibacterial capabilities.

Another notable study is conducted by the Medical Microbiology Laboratory, University College Hospital in Ibadan, Nigeria where a specific type of fungi called Candida developed some kind of resistance towards their medicine.

This is the reason why they conducted an experiment using 52 species and kinds of Candida in a laboratory. They tried to use coconut oil—which contains MCT—and it worked against most of the Candida species they brought in. It is also noted that to get full effectivity, 100% concentration of coconut oil must be used.

10. MCT Oil Increases your mental capacity

This may sound too far-fetched to you, but there is scientific evidence that MCT oils can actually improve your mental and cognitive skills.

There is a study conducted that says that the intake of MCT oils helped subjects with mild cognitive impairments to perform better and retain what they were told. With that said, the scientific explanation for this relies on the serum ketone bodies.

The said ketone bodies were easily transported to the brain to be used for metabolism, which in turn, became the energy that affected the brain capacity of the said subjects.

Another notable study for MCT oil's capabilities of cognitive improvement wonders is towards people with Alzheimer's disease and the such (e.g. autism, epilepsy). According to this study, Alzheimer's disease affects the brain and the memory by impairing one's brain the ability to use sugar. Because of this, memory loss was indeed present.

With the help of MCT oil's sugar managing capabilities, it actually helped 20 people with Alzheimer's under controlled environments to have better memory retention when they took MCT.

Where can I buy MCT oils in the Philippines?

If you're looking for MCT oil near me or where to buy MCT oil locally, then we recommend checking out this website Primelife Wellness Philippines which provides 100% All Natural Health and Wellness products online with some great deals! You can find 100% pure organic coconut oils there as well as many other types of oils that have MCT oil in them.

But if you want to shop them away from the comfort of your home, MCT oils and other oils with MCT on them are readily available in common grocery stores and local supermarkets.

Some convenience stores also offer a small variety of MCT oils on their shelves, but I do advise that you check out larger supermarkets like hypermarkets and megamarkets in shopping malls or standalone stores.

What are the drawbacks and possible side effects?

Every single thing in this world possibly has side effects. MCT oils are not exempted from that because misuse of MCT oils can actually cause some negative effects on the person who consumes them.

Of course, with proper dosage and limitations, these side effects can be limited and controlled.
  • Due to the MCT oil's nature to make you feel satiated, it might affect your eating habits and nutrition intake
  • Excessive use of MCT oils can upset your stomach and might cause gastrointestinal complications
  • If used in excess, it might build up more fat rather than to cut them off and reduce your weight
  • MCT oils are still oils and contain fat so consuming in excess can make you gain weight


In conclusion, scientific evidence provided that the use of MCT oil is something that one must try and focus on if they are trying to lose weight or to improve their capabilities in the labor area.

Regular consumption and intake of MCT oil for an average person is also good since it helps your athletic performance and the things you need in your everyday life, such as cognitive skills, a healthier gut, and other things to mention.

In addition to this, MCT oils are also affordable and easy to acquire. MCT oil is also not complex since you can add it to your everyday beverage like coffee or juices.

Many people are also confused if MCT oils and coconut oil differ, but the short answer is: in a sense, yes.

To finish this, MCT oils—just like any other supplements—must be taken regularly to make them effective. Please do not use excessive amounts since it will negate all its benefits.