Weight Loss Supplement Guide to aid your Weight Loss Journey

Have you always included weight loss on your list of New Year's Resolutions?

If yes, you’re not alone! It’s a difficult journey that needs careful planning from the proper diet plan to regular exercise.

Sometimes, we need a little help from supplements to achieve our body goals.

When To Take Weight Loss Supplements?

If you’re looking to drastically lose weight, or if a simple diet and exercise plan isn’t enough to burn your body’s unwanted fat, then it’s time to look for a weight loss supplement. Supplements can boost your metabolism to help you burn fat faster. They can also help you cut carbs by suppressing your appetite and curbing your cravings. Taking fat burners can also help you get faster results. Whatever it is you need for your body goals, weight loss supplements can help you see results faster.

How Do Weight Loss Supplements Work?

Weight gain happens when your body stores excess carbohydrates that aren’t used in body fat. Weight loss happens when there is a calorie deficit — meaning that the number of calories going in is less than the number of calories being burned because there isn’t enough fat left to burn into energy. The goal of weight loss supplements is to help the body use all of the fat and sustain a healthy calorie deficit.

Different Types of Weight Loss Supplements

Different weight loss supplements can provide different effects to help achieve this calorie deficit. The effects of supplements can vary from any of the following:

  • Manage and curb your cravings
  • Induce a feeling of fullness (to stop you from eating more than your target intake)
  • Speed up your metabolism (also known as thermogenic fat burners)
  • Slow down fat production in your body
  • Prevent your body from absorbing fat in food

Of course, weight loss supplements and other fat burners are only as effective as the diet and exercise that goes along with it. Without proper diet and exercise, the number of calories going in and out of your body will go unchecked and the weight loss supplement will not be as effective.

Weight loss supplements can come in many different forms: tablets, capsules, powders, liquids, and even tea. And they can still be divided into these categories:

  • Thermogenic fat burners - burnings more calories; higher body fat loss
  • Appetite suppressants - promote calorie deficit; prevent weight gain; if you find it hard to stick to a low-calorie diet
  • Carb blockers - inhibits enzyme breakdown of complex carbs; prevents weight gain; moderate weight loss; best works with vigorous exercise
  • Keto diet pills - low carb high-fat diet; burning fat for energy instead of carbs; includes ketosis in the body

What Are The Benefits Of Taking A Weight Loss Supplement?

There is a reason why losing weight has a connection with health. Up to 30% of Filipino adults from the ages of 20 to 59 years old are overweight and as much as 10% are obese. According to the Global Nutrition Report, the Philippines is off-track in maintaining healthy, positive progress in lessening obesity in adults

Losing weight has been proven to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancers, kidney diseases, and high blood pressure. Maintaining a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) also helps lessen the strain on the body’s joints and organs. Not to mention that a healthy weight also promotes a healthy body image and boosts self-esteem.

Some supplements that have stimulants like caffeine can also boost your energy levels. While some can help your body regain a faster metabolism.

Taking supplements can help make weight loss easier. Losing excess fat and maintaining a healthy weight can prevent a multitude of diseases and improve one’s mental health, making one feel good both inside and out.

Possible Side Effects of taking Weight Loss Supplements

Just like anything we ingest, weight loss supplements also have their recommended doses since they alter the way our bodies function fundamentally. Some fat burners can be bought over the counter while others may be prescribed by a dietician, a trainer, or a physician.

If you have any existing illnesses or health conditions, it is best to consult your doctor before taking any weight loss supplements. You may be more susceptible to the following side effects:

  • Increased heart rate
  • High blood pressure
  • Irritability or agitation
  • Diarrhea
  • Sleeplessness
  • Kidney problems
  • Liver damage
  • Rectal bleeding

15 Most Common Ingredients that can be found in Weight Loss Supplements

Over the years, our approach to health has greatly improved. Losing weight and burning fat faster has become more accessible with new studies on herbs and supplements. Considering the ingredients of supplements and their respective properties and effects on your body will depend on the most effective way to lose weight for your body and lifestyle.

1. Guar Gum

This is also known as guaran, made from legumes called guar beans. It absorbs water and forms it into a gel. Guar gum is proven to reduce appetite and calorie intake, helping achieve effective calorie deficit for weight loss.

2. Vitamin D

Getting adequate amounts of vitamin D may enhance weight loss, decrease body fat and limit weight gain. When paired with a calorie-restricted diet, Vitamin D can increase serotonin levels that can improve mood and sleep regulation. A healthy amount of serotonin can control your appetite to make you feel fuller faster, reducing your body weight and decreasing calorie intake to maintain a calorie deficit.

3. Forskolin

Forskolin is a natural compound found in the roots of the Indian coleus plant, a tropical cousin of the mint plant. It stimulates fat cells to release the fat so it can be used by the body instead of being stored for energy. This is most effective with a diet that promotes a calorie deficit.

4. Bitter Orange Extract

The bitter orange extract used for weight loss supplements is also called synephrine. It reduces appetite and stimulates the body to burn more fat.

5. L-carnitine

L-carnitine is a natural amino acid that’s often used as an ingredient in weight loss supplements. It speeds up the movement of fatty acids into your cells to be burned for energy that increases your ability to burn fat and lose weight. However, like other weight loss supplements, a proper balanced diet and exercise regimen must be established first.

6. Capsaicin

Capsaicin is the chemical responsible for the burning sensation from hot peppers. Capsaicin used in supplements is extracted from cayenne peppers. It boosts your metabolism, making your body burn fat easier. It also increases body temperature and oxygen intake, which helps maintain a calorie deficit. It is also a good supplement that targets belly fat.

7. Choline

Choline is a nutrient similar to B vitamins. It can be made in the liver. It is also found in foods such as meats, fish, nuts, beans, vegetables, and eggs. Choline is a nutrient essential to many bodily functions. Choline assists in the emulsification and dissolution of fats and cholesterol in your body. Choline can help the body burn fat, resulting in more effortless weight loss and better metabolic health.

8. Garcinia Cambogia

The extract from the skin of the Garcinia Cambogia contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA). This is the active component in Garcinia Cambogia that is used as an ingredient in weight loss supplements. It promotes moderate weight loss by inhibiting the body’s fat-producing enzymes and increasing serotonin levels that can help control and curb food cravings.

9. Orlistat

This ingredient works as a barrier that blocks the enzymes that break down fats from your food. The fat remains intact and is not absorbed by the body as it passes through the digestive system. However, orlistat does not block the breakdown and absorption of non-fat foods such as calories and sugar.

Other benefits of taking orlistat are a moderate reduction of blood pressure and a lower risk of getting type 2 diabetes by up to 37%.

10. Glucomannan

Glucomannan is a fiber derived from the konjac plant, also known as elephant yam. It absorbs water and “gels” it together with the fiber, taking up space in your stomach which makes you “feel full” and no longer want to eat more. With proper diet and exercise, it can help you lose weight as much as 4.5 kilos in 5 weeks. It can also lower blood sugar and blood cholesterol, and is a good treatment for constipation.

11. Raspberry Ketones

This is a chemical that gives raspberries their distinct aroma. Raspberry ketones contain the chemical adiponectin that is related to weight loss. Supplements include raspberry ketones for their uses in increasing metabolism and the rate of fat burn in the body while lowering one’s appetite.

12. Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green coffee beans are coffee beans that haven’t been roasted for brewing. Unroasted green coffee beans contain caffeine and chlorogenic acid that may increase fat burn and slow down the breakdown process of carbohydrates in the body. It can also help lower one’s blood pressure and sugar levels.

13. Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Also known as CLA. It is a healthy trans fat that can be naturally found in fatty food from animals like cheese and butter. CLA reduces appetite, boosts the body’s metabolism, and encourages the breakdown of body fat that greatly contributes to weight loss.

14. Caffeine

Caffeine is a common stimulant and metabolism booster on its own. Caffeine can be derived from good coffee and green tea, which also carries antioxidants. It can help with short-term fat burning and eliminating fat by up to 29%.

15. Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract contains EGCG, an antioxidant that’s been proven to promote fat burning.

7 Most Effective Weight Loss Supplements in the Market

Based on what kind of diet and exercise you plan on taking to lose weight, you may choose certain weight loss supplements over others. Here is a list of weight loss supplements that compare and contrast their ingredients and what regimen they may work best with.

1. MN Synedrex

Synedrex contains a decent amount of caffeine and 2-aminoisoheptane as its stimulants and appetite suppressants. It also contains Eria Jarensis Extract that may have mood-boosting effects by increasing dopamine and noradrenaline levels in the body. However, Synedrex’s most active ingredients mostly function as stimulants and only encourage moderate weight loss.

Synedrex may not be good for those who are looking to burn a lot of fat and lose a large amount of weight. But its energy-boosting properties can be beneficial to those who want a supplement that can improve their energy levels for exercise.

2. GAT Jetfuel

Jetfuel claims to provide a faster fat burn and more energy fuel. Caffeine, guarana seed extract, green tea extract, bitter orange extract are a few of its main active ingredients that target fat burn and appetite suppression and control. It also contains additional mood boosters to counteract the stress of changing one’s diet.

Jetfuel stands out from this list with the inclusion of MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides) that provide your body with energy without the carbs.

If you’re looking at a more intense exercise regimen, Jetfuel can be a good supplement for you. But it isn’t recommendable for those who want to avoid stimulants in their weight loss journey.

3. SAN Pure CLA 1250

This contains CLA gathered from concentrated safflower oil in a soft gel, which helps the body absorb the supplement faster. Since this is mostly a CLA supplement, there are no additional compounds and stimulants to help increase energy levels. However, since CLA is already proven to manage appetite and thermogenesis, adequate exercise and a strict and balanced diet are key to getting the most out of this supplement.

4. Nutrex Lipo 6

Nutrex Lipo boasts its liquid-gel formulation, making it even faster to absorb than gel capsules. However, its most prominent ingredient is caffeine at 200mg followed by synephrine at 20mg. Although synephrine has been studied to give positive results in weight loss treatment by reducing appetites and burning fats, this amount is not enough to make a significant effect on one’s weight.

5. NatureWise CLA 1250

NatureWise CLA 1250 is one of the few non-GMO, gluten-free weight loss supplements in the market. It’s a soft gel capsule that contains CLA that helps burn fat faster with vigorous exercise and a balanced diet. However, since NatureWise CLA does not contain any stimulants like caffeine, losing weight may need more energy since CLA requires a higher level of exercise to yield results.

6. Skinny Glow

Skinny Glow is an all-in-one beauty, slimming, and wellness supplement. Its main weight loss ingredient is green tea extract that not only helps burn fat but also provides the body with antioxidants. Its other active ingredients include marine collagen and Calamansi Extract to help your body recover from exercise and improve bone strength.

7. Capsinesis

Capsinesis stands out among most weight loss supplements with its all-organic formula of capsaicin from capsicum and green tea extract. It is an effective weight loss pre-workout partner made that also contains wild berries commonly known as bignay that helps suppress your appetite and flush out unnecessary compounds in your colon for a cleaner diet and faster fat burn. The capsaicin also induces thermogenesis, making your body sweat more during exercise, lose more fat, and use more carbs to maintain your ideal calorie deficit.


Choosing the right kind of weight loss supplement and fat burner depends on your weight loss journey, whether you are prepared to do more exercise, eat a less restricted diet, or you’re looking to build muscle mass. Taking the recommended dose for any of these supplements is key to achieving your dream body and avoiding unnecessary side effects.