No Need To Leave The House: Cash On Delivery

No Need To Leave The House: Cash On Delivery

Can you believe how the consumerism experience has evolved over time? The past demanded an audience to flock the market, but the present is starting to reverse the routine. With all this cash on delivery and shipping nationwide, shopping has never been easier, and now our orders come to us! Isn’t that great? Whatever it is we want to buy, the internet has become a one-stop shop for everything and anything we can ever lay our hands on. What makes it super convenient is the cash on delivery .  

For those who are still iffy about the whole internet-shopping culture, it’s easy to understand why. A lot of people would still rather see the actual product before they purchase it, but there’s a turnaround for that. Many, if not most, online shopping stores accommodate return-deliveries should the item a customer orders not resemble how it appears to be online.

For those who are afraid to key in their card credentials, there’s a workaround for that, too! Enter, cash on delivery (COD).


Defining Cash On Delivery 

As the name implies, cash on delivery is when a customer pays for his or her item only when it is delivered to their given home address. This is now an increasing payment strategy to many buyers; especially those who are unbanked or don’t have credit cards. COD permits their customers to only make the payment for their ordered items once the delivery man relays their package. What’s great about this payment method is that one can make a payment via card or cash, too! Delivery men now have wireless card terminals. Studies say that the COD strategy makes customers feel safer and more secure about what they buy since they don’t lose money before the item actually arrives. 

The Cash On Delivery process

The cash on delivery or COD mode of payment is a simple process. Delivery personnel gathers the invoice amount of a batch of goods from its sender. This is collected in the shape of cash at the same time as the delivery. This money is then placed in the local headquarters of the eCommerce enterprise that made the sale. With this method, both parties are happy and secured. 

Once this is done, the item is then shipped by a courier and customers receive it during their given time frame. This usually depends on where you live, but should a company’s main office not be far away, you’re most likely to receive your package in two days. 


Lucky for us, we can now do this with vitamins, too! Now there’s, no reason for us to be sick and miss out on the fun! 


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