Exactly How Super Is the Beauty Protein Collagen

Exactly How Super Is the Beauty Protein Collagen

By Karen Fernandez

Who hasn’t heard about collagen ? It’s THE super beauty nutrient! The one protein lauded and recommended by quite possibly every beauty guru on the planet. What makes collagen so super? Well, it’s there for anything and everything that keeps you looking amazing!



This wonder protein promotes the growth of new, healthy cells to replace old dead cells. This brings about a more rejuvenated appearance to your skin. It makes it look vibrant and glowing, defies age by keeping your skin smooth, plump, and elastic. 



Higher collagen levels has been linked to hair health as well! It can contribute to stronger tresses, delayed graying, even increased hair growth.  



Taking skin care a step further, collagen can also deal with that stubborn dimpling and lumping of fat under your skin. Yes, collagen can also help improve your skin texture and keep the emergence of cellulite at bay.



Did you even think collagen can help during your workouts, too? Collagen is a major component of muscle tissue. It helps build muscle mass, giving you the fuel you need to power through exercise. Now that’s an effective way to stay fit. 


The good news is, you don’t have to go far to find collagen . Your body naturally produces this nutrient in great abundance. It makes up 33% of all protein content in the human body.


As you age, however, organic protein production dwindles. With a depleted collagen storage, in comes sagging, dryness, fine lines, and wrinkling. That’s when you need to be a little more creative in supplying your body with more of this super protein.

You can load up on a well-balanced, high-protein diet of various meats and egg whites. You can explore bone broth. Cook powdered gelatin. 

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Or, to make life easier — Hello, collagen supplements! There are health products out there that are 100% all-natural, they make part of the body’s essential food supply. No chemicals added. Just pure colla-protein that can make your overall body tissue health super again. Check out more skincare supplements here: Order skincare supplements!

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  1. Eva Joy Paguio

    taking collagen helped in maintaining my skin elasticity, glowing and supple

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