8 Filipino Celebrity Fitspirations!

8 Filipino Celebrity Fitspirations!

By Karen Fernandez

Getting up to hit the gym is hard! Keeping to a healthy diet, even harder!

What you need to really get on the fitness train is some serious motivation. Kind of like what these eight celebrity fitness inspirations are about to share with you.


Model, Century Tuna Superbods 2016 winner

For Olivia, having a hot body means having focus. Instead of working out your entire body and completely tiring yourself out, she recommends having ‘arm days’, ‘leg days’, abs days. And get this –Olivia doesn’t follow any fancy diet plan. “I believe it’s about eating healthy, not less!”, she points out. “If you know eating a certain food is going to make you unhappy about yourself, then substitute it with food that will make you feel better.”






It’s important to keep fit if you want to bag covetable roles like Juancho has. His regimen consists of a 3-day a week workout and –basketball. Juancho hits the court with his friends whenever he can. “It’s also a way of relieving stress.”, he shares, as the demands of showbusiness can be quite intense. He veers away from carbs at night. “But if there’s something that I really like to dig into, it’s a good steak.”, he chuckles. “Anything protein, really.”





News Reporter, TV5

Even with his hectic schedule, Renzo maintains a gym junkie status –working out an hour and a half 3 to 5 times a week, focusing on one muscle group per session. His diet isn’t as strict though. He eats almost anything he wants during breakfast. He eats heavy in the morning and then tapers down his food intake at lunch and dinner. His reason: “Being fit is not just about having a good-looking body. It’s about feeling good, too!”







Model and Entrepreneur, Happy Skin

Rissa’s venture into fitness came after two consecutive pregnancies which weakened her abdominal muscles. Now she does Pilates three times a week. It’s not a strenuous exercise, but it does good strengthening her abs, helping her lower back, even allowing her to discover muscles she never knew she had. Rissa muses, “I love it because it keeps me long and lean. I feel I’m at my strongest, fittest, and slimmest now.”


If that line-up inspired you to hit the gym pronto, don’t forget to take your natural supplements, too. Check this out for yet another fabulous line-up of healthy motivation. 

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