Physical health tips for a happier you
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Physical health tips for a happier you

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to go about daily life just wanting to get things done and ticking off as many boxes on your to-do list as possible. Instead of life being an exciting journey of self-discovery and civic engagements, it’s become this cycle of bill-paying and showing up at places we’re not always thrilled being at.

Life is exhausting and adulthood isn’t as perky either. Who even has time to think of mental and physical health?


But if you think about it: shouldn’t all this stress encourage us, even more, to work on being mentally sound and obtaining physical health? Without the right mental diet and physical exercises, we’re bound to crash and burn. Adulthood is a draining beast, but it doesn’t always have to be like that. 


So if you’re like us—trying so very hard to keep both feet on the ground all while balancing multiple acts—here are a few reminders we can re-visit to make sure we’re living our best lives. 


Tips for better mental and physical health


Physical health tip # 1 Drink plenty of water


You’d body needs water to work. Drinking actually helps alleviate pains and aches, too. On top of fishing out harmful toxins, water also improves our energy levels. 


Staying hydrated helps keep you functioning at your most optimized. So drink water all the time! Tired? Drink water. Cranky? Drink water. Having self-doubts? Drink water. It might not always rid you from bad vibrations, but you can never go wrong with it, too. 


Physical health tip # 2 – Sleep


When you’re in pre-school, sleeping is most probably one of the worst things anyone can make you do. As a kid, it’s easy to think: why sleep, when there is so much the world can offer?


But we’re no longer kids. And coming home from stressful jobs, horrible traffic, and occasionally bad romantic dates only elicit a good night’s sleep. Sleep allows our mortal bodies to recharge and heal for the betterment of the following day. Try giving yourself at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night. 


If this is something you struggle with, try eliminating popular sleep-depriving stimulants such as laptops, coffee chugs at night, and cellphone using right before you sleep.  


Physical health tip # 3 – eat and exercise 


Eating right can often seem like a chore. But it isn’t when you know what healthy food you actually enjoy. Eating right and working out is a combo that works best when done accurately. Several adults feel that both can be taxing, but it really isn’t when you set your mind to it. 


Eating right gives you more energy and regularly exercising gives you more strength and endurance. The more you’re used to living a lifestyle that incorporates both, the easier it is for you to handle stress accordingly. If your diet doesn’t have all the right nutrients you need, fill that gap by taking all natural health supplements

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At the end of the day, pushing for physical health only benefits you; not anyone else. 

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