Frequently Asked Questions About Ordering Online

Frequently Asked Questions About Ordering Online

Shopping, ordering online has never been easier! Whether you are shopping for the latest trends in clothes and shoes, the most up-to-date in mobile innovation, or the best vitamins and supplements there are around, you’re now able to do all that online!

Given the advent of technology, people now have the option to look for what they need online without ever stepping outside their homes. Ordering online has become the thing these days!


But despite the surge in online shopping, a good fraction of people would still rather buy their choices in person or at the mall. If you’re one who still isn’t keen on ordering online, here’s a quick list of answers to general questions people ask about this shopping set-up.


How soon will my order arrive?

This usually depends on where you’re from and where the headquarters of your retailer is. That said your delivery time-frame can range from a day to an entire month. 


Is ordering online safe?


A general rule online is to never buy anything using a credit card unless a website makes use of an SSL (secure sockets layer). You’ll find out if the site you’re buying from has SSL encryption because of an ’S’ after ‘HTTP’—making it HTTPS. Furthermore, a padlock icon will also be visible. This is mostly positioned in the left of the URL in the status bar, but this will depend on what your browser is. 


Fairly enough, HTTPS is a regular standard now even on websites that don’t provide shopping services and features. Google Chrome, one of the leading browsers, is quick to flag any page that doesn’t have an ’S’ after HTTP. 


I’m not comfortable providing my card details, is there another alternative?


Several shopping sites, like Prime Life Wellness for example, provide the Cash On Delivery (COD) feature where the buyer only pays for the item once the item is delivered. Some, on the other hand, allow third-party payment centers where you can pay for your item within a given schedule. 


What if my item is not as described?


Some online shop offers 7-day guarantee where you can ship the item for free, if  proven to be different from what you’ve ordered. Still, each shopping site has different regulations. But the wrong item shipped will always be accounted for; either by reimbursement or by replacement. 


If you haven’t tried online shopping just yet, live your best life by shopping on Prime Life Wellness . You can call it both shopping and keeping it healthy!

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