What’s in your IN whitening product?
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What’s in your IN whitening product?

By Karen Fernandez

Is whitening still an IN thing? Indeed, it is. That’s why whitening products continue to be in demand. Not only because they give you lighter skin, but because they’re just as effective in getting rid of skin imperfections and balancing out skin discoloration.

You can’t buy the first whitening product you see on the shelf though. You need to look for the right ingredients. Your best bet are the ones that are natural.


  1. LICORICE EXTRACT helps inhibit the tyrosinase enzyme that causes pigmentation in your skin when exposed to the sun. Licorice can also diminish dark spots resulting from scars.


  1. KOJIC ACID is produced primarily by the Japanes fungus, koji. Aside from prohibiting melanin production, Kojic Acid also penetrates the skin’s upper layers for a lightening effect. 


  1. MULBERRY EXTRACT, like licorice extract, blocks tyrosinase’s production of the skin pigment, melanin. Mulberry extract is well-tolerated by all skin types and won’t cause irritation.


  1. VITAMIN C from citrus fruits and vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower is an antioxidant that works by brightening hyperpigmented spots on the skin. It even gives your skin a healthy glow.


  1. GLUTATHIONE is an antioxidant naturally found in human cells. It effectively lightens skin by converting melanin into a lighter color and deactivating tyrosinase’s pigment production. 


  1. RESERVATROL comes from grape skins and other plants. It’s a polyphenolic compound that lightens skin and fights photo-aging by stunting tyrosinase activity and melanin synthesis.


There you have it. The natural stuff you need for a naturally fairer, clearer complexion.


If you think these ingredients are hard to find, worry not. Many popular whitening supplements contain one of these ingredients, making it more convenient for you to lighten your skin. 


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