My Beauty Secret: I Cleanse My Colon

My Beauty Secret: I Cleanse My Colon

It’s crazy how some women think the secret to beauty is layers upon layers of big-named make-up brands. Maybe even hundreds and thousands on risky cosmetic surgery. That’s just superficial. The real source of beauty shouldn’t even be a secret. Pure and simple, it’s cleansing.


Cleansing your colon is hardly the first thing that pops into your head when the subject of beauty is thrown on the table. But aside from its health benefits, detoxifying actually does wonders to how you look.


  1. Cleansing for clearer skin.

A clogged colon releases toxins through your skin that come up as various imperfections on your face. A clean colon, on the other hand, can rid your skin of blemishes and acne, making it softer and radiant. Healthier skin makes you look younger, too.


  1. Cleansing for a slimmer body.

Toxin build-up in the cells right under the skin become cellulite overtime. Flushing out these toxins leads to weight loss and a leaner, tighter physique. Keeping your colon waste-free also increases your metabolism which reduces the chances of your body accumulating unwanted fat.


  1. Cleansing for smoother, stronger hair.

When you detox, your body is given more room to breathe. This allows it to absorb essential nutrients, proteins, and vitamins better. You can tell you have a fully nourished body when you have shinier, silkier, healthier hair. Even stronger nails.


  1. Cleansing for overall freshness.

When you have a clogged colon, this becomes known as the smell of your unhealthy organs seep through your pores. This smell is more commonly known as body odor. A good detox is the perfect way to restore your body’s freshness.


Plus, colon cleansing is easy to do. Just drink plenty of water daily, have morning herbal tea, go on a high-fiber diet of whole plant foods, super snack on fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies, and include resistant starches like potatoes, rice, and grains in your daily menu. These should flush out those toxins. You can also add the 15-Day Cleanse & Detox with Probiotic as a non-restrictive supplement to your colon care routine. This gentle cleansing agent and digestion enhancer works in just a little over 2 weeks.










The secret is out and it’s beautiful! Know more about colon cleansing for beauty right here:

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