Work Stress In The Philippines: I’m Super Pagod Na

Work Stress In The Philippines: I’m Super Pagod Na

Okay, let’s be honest: lahat tayo pagod, but we all need to hustle. If we’re lucky enough, our jobs are very well aligned with our passions. Given today’s setting, everything can easily exhaust us. From the daily commute to unreasonable bosses, work stress in the Philippines can be unhealthy. Lahat nakakapikon! 

This is exactly why we need to make sure we lead balanced lives so we can also look forward to actually living. 

Here are 3 tips to handle work stress better in the Philippines:

Stress control tip #1 – Stay organized, kapatid.

If there’s anything more stressful than having to brave EDSA traffic and dealing with annoying co-workers, it’s being unorganized ourselves. From making sure our list of activities is accurate to waking up early in the morning, religiously following a pre-established pattern tremendously makes things easier for us. After all, the essence of direction is knowing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing and knowing when you should be doing them.

Of course, this isn’t true all the time and we should learn to forgive ourselves if we mess up every now and then; but it does help to try being organized! Update mo na Google calendar mo at iligpit ang mga bagay-bagay sa office desk. You will notice immediate positivity once everything is neat and your targets are being hit. 

Stress control tip #2 – Stay away from the chismis

There are multiple stress types, but the most exhausting of all is emotional stress. Physical stress can be countered by rest, by how do you remedy a tired heart? As much as possible, stay away from office drama. Although this can be unavoidable many times, it’s best to make an effort to not have people you hate in the office. Think about it: these are people you see every day. More often than not, these are also people you share workloads with. 

If you’re absolutely tired of someone, find a way to be compassionately confrontational. If that doesn’t work, open up to a friend you don’t work with; someone who isn’t in your office. 

Opening up to other like-minded workmates about other staff members you don’t like rarely ends well. 

Stress control tip #3 – Make sure you have a life outside your office

If you’re the type whose world revolves around work 100%, then you’re more likely to be unhealthily competitive with the people around you. Eh, paano, wala kang ibang pinagaabalahan? Studies say those who don’t have outside office hobbies feel the need to prove themselves all the more in the office as a means to obtain validation. As much as possible, make sure this need is evenly sourced and distributed. People want attention and we all need to be praised every once in a while, but if your workplace is the only avenue for you to get that, it’s going to be tough, not just on your mental health but also your emotional maturity. 

Learn how to paint or get back to music. Meet new friends and join new creative clubs. So many things can be done to remind yourself you’re human and that you aren’t just born to pay for bills. 

More importantly, take care of yourself. Be careful with what you ingest. From the drinks you binge to the food you munch on. If possible, don’t forget to take organic vitamins, too! Isa lang katawan mo, friend. Alagaan mo! Start with these 3 things first, and you’ll find that managing work stress in the Philippines might not be as taxing as you think it is.


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