Weight Loss Exercise At Home: The Kayang Gawin Edition

Weight Loss Exercise At Home: The Kayang Gawin Edition

Summer is over, pero para sa summer lang ba ang summer body? Syempre hindi! The truth is no one needs an excuse to start working out. Being fit and healthy are bodily and mental conditions we can all work towards. If you recently just searched for the words “weight loss exercise at home” on Google, pwes! We have just that and more for you in this article!

Weight Loss Exercise At Home – Pre-work Out Tips

What good is a satisfying workout if you don’t change your eating habits? Whenever people hear the word “diet” plenty automatically think of saying no to every desirable dish there is on earth and exchanging them with only greens. While this isn’t impossible and a total fallacy, this also isn’t an accurate depiction of what dieting means. Dieting can simply imply being wiser with what you feed yourself.

Avoiding processed food, for instance, is an effective way to start. Because these kinds of foods typically contain a ton of added fats and artificial sugar, avoiding them as much as you can won’t just lead to weight loss, you’ll feel a lot lighter, too. This becomes much easier if you’re home most of the time. Whether a work-from-home freelancer or a devoted parent, staying at home makes it easier to say goodbye ordering from fast foods—of course, this is under the assumption that you don’t order them through delivery apps!

A solid way to go about this is by stocking up on healthy snacks. Lots of people shock their bodies when they immediately shift to consuming smaller food portions. Many times, this is an unhealthy way of beginning your journey to fitness because our bodies are used to ingesting an established amount of food. So instead of jumping right into that route—although this is highly encouraged in the long run—is to replace your unhealthy cravings with fruits and more organic snacks. Replace chips and fries with nuts, whole fruits, yogurt, and hard-boiled eggs! Ganon! Dahan-dahan lang mga sis at tsongs. 

Weight Loss Exercise At Home – Sweating in the comfort of your own space

It’s true when fitness gurus say anyone determined to work out will find a way. The gym, although effective for many, isn’t the only place you can sweat. You don’t even have to go out of your house to exercise! You can work out in the convenience of your room.

If you’re a newbie and don’t know what to do, start by watching workout videos online. Marami sa Youtube! You can invest in a floor mat because many of these exercises involve getting down and dirty—literally. If you feel like buying a mat isn’t going to change anything, just clean your floor. Wag maarte! That works, too.

Once you’ve exhausted every workout video on Youtube, assuming that’s possible, you can download fitness apps on your smartphone, too. There are several apps with videos that show you how you can complete simple workout routines at home. From lifting chairs to doing push-ups, these exercises can differ depending on what program you customize for yourself. Many of these apps may have paid exclusive content, but you don’t have to sign up for that if it isn’t in your budget.

After everything’s been said and done, what matters most is how creative and disciplined you can become. For best and healthier results, look for organic health supplements to better fast track your weight loss exercise at home!


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