4 Realistic Healthy Eating Habits

4 Realistic Healthy Eating Habits

“Nothing great ever comes easy” is a line we hear all the time. Be they scholarships or a luxury item, hard work and determination are key components that play integral roles in obtaining something valuable. Believe it or not, this also applies to achieving fit bodies! While it’s true that there are diet fads and new veggie concoctions that pop up every now and then, not every single diet regimen and dish are safe.


If you’re determined to shed the extra weight, make sure you follow a safe and healthy diet and exercise plan, not ones that promise incredible weight loss in just less than a week. Losing weight is often a result of little but consistent progress.


Here are few tips to get you started on achieving your ideal weight


Eat breakfast every day


One of the most overrated statements we hear all the time is “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” And quite frankly, it can’t be truer. Breakfast is the meal that starts your day and keeps your stomach from starving as your day progresses. But its impact is more than just what time you have it. What you consume is very much part of the trade. For instance, a banana and a whole-wheat muffin with a decent amount of peanut butter offer protein and fiber. It’s also really quick to make so people-on-the-go will not have a difficult time with preparation at all.  Oatmeals, Yogurts, and egg sandwiches are also really good alternatives!


Replace sweets with fruits


It’s normal for us to ever get hooked on a particular bar of chocolate or a pastry. The problem with many of us, though, is that we just can’t get enough. We overindulge ourselves, only to end up consuming more sugar than we should. Because quitting sweets in a snap of one’s fingers is both unhealthy and internally taxing, satisfy your cravings by resorting to fruits. Apples, bananas, and grapes are great examples of what you could be munching on. On that note, it’s best to stay away from drinking sweets, too. Sugary drinks may seem inconsequential but the effects they bring can leave a mark.


Gradually lessen your sugar intake


For those who didn’t know yet, rice is sugar. Therefore the more of it you consume, the more you’re damaging your health. If you’re used to two cups (or more) of rice try lessening it every week until you don’t crave for it too much.  You don’t have to eliminate it completely, consuming it less already aids in weight loss.


Don’t ignore your veggies


One of the best things you can do for your body is being a vegetarian even just once a week. Most greens are generally low in calories and fat and are great sources of dietary fiber, potassium, and folate. Meat is a great source of protein, although plenty of people now debate it. Whatever your case, don’t keep vegetables from entering your diet.


Start with these 4 easy tricks, then gradually work on following a diet you can follow!

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