Diabetes Type 2: ‘You can’t run away from your genetics.’

Diabetes Type 2: ‘You can’t run away from your genetics.’

By Karen Fernandez

So you just discovered that your dad has Diabetes Type 2. So does your grandma. And now you have all these questions running in your head. Could it be that Diabetes Type 2 is hereditary? Does it skip a generation? Is there any way of making sure it skips you?

Can’t really blame you for being concerned. Type 2 Diabetes, although milder than Diabetes Type 1, can still cause major health complications. The list includes eyesight and hearing impairment, skin conditions, kidney failure, nerve damage, heart diseases, and stroke.

And yes, sad to say, this medical problem is indeed hereditary. It has a strong link to family history and lineage. A group of genes that can lead to Type 2 can be passed down from mothers and fathers to their children, but not all the children will develop those genes into the disease. Genes alone isn’t enough. What you actually inherit is the predisposition to Diabetes Type 2 –and then something in your environment triggers it.  Say, if you have the genes and you have not exercised a minute in your entire life, you’d be more likely to develop diabetes. If bad eating habits run in the family, that puts you in danger of developing this life-long disease as well.

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The good news is that Diabetes Type 2 can be prevented. It’s all a matter of keeping your blood sugar levels within the normal range. Needless to say, you’re going to have to make a few lifestyle changes.

LOSE WEIGHT AND KEEP IT OFF. Overweight people are more susceptible to the health issues that come with Type 2. Find out what your ideal weight should be in relation to your height. Once you’ve reached that number, stay on it.

MOVE. The sedentary life is Type 2’s best friend. If you get at least 30 minutes of physical activity 5 days a week, you can easily avoid the possibility of a heart problem –one of Type 2’s top byproduct.

EAT HEALTHY. Maintaining a good level of blood sugar means cutting down on your calorie intake, too. Start eating smaller portions, choosing foods with less fat, and opting to drink water instead of sweetened beverages.

Of course, genes will naturally be handed down to you. But if it opens you up to Diabetes Type 2, you can fight it by living a healthier life. Make better lifestyle choices by picking up sage health advice here.

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