Steve Jobs and Other Famous People: Health Is Wealth!

Steve Jobs and Other Famous People: Health Is Wealth!

Death is never an easy thing to write about. Many times, we feel like we have everything figured out and built for ourselves. And then out of nowhere, we feel pain somewhere in our bodies, and from then on our health just deteriorates. As scary as it may sound, we all live each day a lot closer to our deaths. Most of the time, we never really know when it’s going to come. Ironically, though, if we’re sick enough, doctors might just be able to tell us.


Steve Jobs, for example, was one of the wealthiest people in the world. As a matter of fact, he was responsible for starting the all-screen smartphone trend. Because of him, touch-screen phones became normal.  The Apple brand is the way it is largely because of who he was and what he did. People even camped outside Apple stores every time they launched new products. Although no longer as much, people actually still do. Steve was responsible for building the Apple brand. He succeeded in creating a sturdy facade that had people giving in to his version of quality and sophistication.

Sadly, his wealth did not care about his health. He was still diagnosed with pancreatic cancer despite who he was in society. He went through a series of surgeries, but in October of 2011, his body caved and gave up. Steve still died. At the end of the day, death excludes no one. Famous people like Whitney Houston, Bob Marley, and Alan Rickman each had promising careers of their own. They were, in their distinct rights, icons in their respective fields and genres. But they still left us. Albeit having impacted the world, very beautifully and significantly at that, their exit only intensifies one fact: all of us will have our time.

We may not be rock stars or pop superstars, or even legendary actors. But our bodies and health needs are all similar. We all come from the same species. What we can do now is to make sure we take good care of our health, if not to lengthen our lives, then to further improve how we can live it. After all, what good are fame, wealth, and power, if we’re physically unable to enjoy the privileges all those three can bring?


Whether it be waking up extra early to run a few kilometres, cutting back on that extra cup of rice, or making sure to never miss out on quality vitamins, our impact on the world only becomes extra purposeful once we’re the best versions of ourselves—which means the expedition is a continuous pursuit we should constantly be worked up on every day. After everything’s been said and done, there really is no denying that health truly is the best kind of wealth.




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