Taking Antibiotics? Your Kidney Might Be In Danger

Taking Antibiotics? Your Kidney Might Be In Danger

By Karen Fernandez

Did you know that while you’re taking antibiotics to get rid of an infection, the same antibiotics could be damaging your kidneys? It’s like you’re trying to regain your health but slowly getting unhealthy in the process? Oh, the irony!

Now, before you go dissing on antibiotics, it’s important to know that any kind of drug you put in your body passes the kidneys and can be potentially harmful to your gut health. This is called a side effect.

In the case of strong antibiotics, the danger is in the toxicity they may cause in your renal tubular cells. These cells play a huge role in kidney filtration. Unfortunately, that role also exposes them to the high level of toxins in medicines.

Another group of antibiotics can produce crystals that don’t dissolve in urine. This forms a blockage that can lead to kidney swelling and inflammation. If unchecked, this can progress to serious complications.

Finally, the antibiotic’s full 7 to 14-day course can, in some cases, overextend the drug’s function. An antibiotic’s job is to destroy bad bacteria and stop them from growing. However, sometimes even probiotics –your body’s natural good bacteria– can get caught in the crossfire. And when probiotics are destroyed, it will affect your kidney function big time. Your blood pressure will peak, your bone strength will dwindle, and your red blood cell production will be severely hampered.

It’s a push and pull with antibiotics. The important thing is to create a good balance between the medicine’s good intention and the possible side effects it may come with. Thankfully, there are two simple steps to attain that balance and regain your kidney’s health.

Step one: Take an effective probiotic supplement. The good bacteria which may have been wiped out during your antibiotic course can be added right back in with a 15-day Cleanse and Detox with Probiotic pill. There’s one from PrimeLife Wellness. Powerful and all-natural, you’d be surprised how in just 15 days, it replenishes your probiotics, detoxifies your kidneys, and restores crucial kidney functions such as maintaining overall fluid balance, regulating mineral from blood, and filtering waste throughout your body.

Step Two: Get into a prebiotic diet. After completing your antibiotic’s full course and taking your 15-Day Cleanse and Detox with Probiotic supplement, you should have a ready food supply for your returning good bacteria. Get a prebiotic fill with fiber-rich foods like veggies, fruits, legumes, whole grains, nuts, and seeds. This is the kind of sustenance probiotics love to eat. Of course, you have to keep them healthy to keep your kidneys healthy.

It’s pretty simple when you think about it. If you want to fight a war with infection, take a strong antibiotic. If you want to restore peace soon after, choose a probiotic-prebiotic combo.

Be prepared. Get more info on the 15-Day Cleanse and Detox with Probiotic supplement here.

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