The many alarming Reasons Your Joints Hurt

The many alarming Reasons Your Joints Hurt

It’s all fun, games, and letting loose until we feel a consistent pain somewhere in the body. Ahh, the fountain of youth is a spring that expels us all whether we like it or not. If you’re a full-grown adult (it’s up to you to decide what age that is), you’re most likely no stranger to some form of back pain or other kinds of body aches. The best thing we can do now is to establish some level of prevention.


Quite frankly, the list can be pretty long. We can exercise. We can eat healthily. Heck, even meditation has a few proven health benefits. But what causes these pains to begin with? If we expand the conversation, what, even, does it mean to take care of yourself? If you’re one to encounter a consistency in the joint pains department, here are a few possibilities why they hurt.


Broken Bones


We can only do so much before we encounter an incident that causes our bones to break. Accidents are horrible encounters, and no one ever wants them. If you’re one who may have tripped or fallen off a few steps just recently, it’s not too impossible for your joints to be affected.




A dislocation can be referred to as an injury to joints. This occurs when different bone ends are forced to displace themselves from their state of normalcy. This kind of injury temporarily immobilizes and deforms your joint. Furthermore, this is most common in fingers, shoulders, knees, elbows, and hips.




One of the leading causes of hurt joins is arthritis—also known to be the inflammation of joints. Infections and uric acid crystals are the most common cause of this. Most common to adults beyond the age of 40, the best thing to prevent this is being used to movement and watching what you eat.




When your body’s immune system goes against your own organs and tissues, this what is referred to as a systemic autoimmune disease—the branch of sickness where Lupus falls under. This one in the list can be particularly stressful in that one can barely “avoid” this, as it’s usually a fusion of one’s environment and genetics.


The Solution

Like everything else when it comes to health and fitness, what we consume for ourselves largely affects how our bodies turn out. Making sure your weight compliments your height and age is one the best things you can ever do to keep your joints healthy. Do remember that that your hips, knees, and back have, to some extent, have to support your body weight. This is one of the many reasons why people who are overweight have more difficulty carrying themselves at faster speeds.


In other words, losing unnecessary fat decreases the pressure on your hips, knees, and back. Science says for every pound a person gains, they expose the knees to four times more stress! That’s a lot of stress in there. For more health tips and AHA! lifestyle moments, visit


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