Beginner’s Guide to Get Fit

Beginner’s Guide to Get Fit

By Karen Fernandez

 You’ve been pushing it off for so long. But today, you decided to grab the bull by the horns and get down to business. Yes! Get fit!

Now, before you dive into that fancy new diet in your brand new fitness gear, there’s one important point you need to understand first. There is a healthy and an unhealthy way to weight loss. The healthy way isn’t instant. It’s a gradual process. And that’s what we’re going to go through right now. Get fit!




  •     Take 5. Did you think skipping meals was the way to fit in your jeans? Wrong. Healthy dieting actually means 3 small meals and 2 nutritious snacks in between every day. Smaller portions fuel your body. Starving it will only make you irritable.


  •     But first, water. A full glass of water before each meal and snack fills up your stomach and veers you away from the possibility of overeating. Veering away from calorie-filled drinks will do wonders, too. If you really want to be refreshed and hydrated, water is all you need.


  •     The veggie appetizer. Munch on the vegetables before going for the carbs and proteins on your plate. That way, you’re off to a good start with a nutritious foundation.


  •     Reduce processed foods. It’s so easy to reach for pre-packaged mixes and boxed meals. Unfortunately, those are the ones that are loaded with excess sodium, sugar, and fat. This time around, choose homemade meals that are guaranteed unprocessed. Eat clean.




  •     Walk. It sounds so easy but this is actually your first trip to cardio training. Walking is a low-stress low-impact form of exercise that not only burns calories, but gives you the benefit of fresh air, too.


  •     Stretch. Do exercises that can strengthen your core and stabilize your muscles to reduce pain and injury. Yoga is a form of flexibility training that keeps your body in top shape while your body burns fat during workouts.


  •     Build lean muscle tissue by doing sets of strength conditioning exercises targeting a different major muscle group each day. Now, you feel the burn! Gradually increase sets, weights, and repetitions when your body has adjusted to the routine.


  •     Workout regularly. This doesn’t mean you should overdo a physical activity. The important thing is to be consistent and stick to schedule.

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Focus on what you eat and how you exercise and you’re off to a good start. And you don’t have to be alone. Be part of our fitness and wellness family today!

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