How to care for your joints

How to care for your joints

Like aging cars with tires that wear over time, our joints, too, can break without proper care and attention. This is generally referred to as osteoarthritis.

The truth is, in the absence of sufficient padding, our bones will sting when they throb against each other. What’s worse, cartilage that’s frayed doesn’t normally grow back or let alone heal. Experts say that there is no reversing arthritis once it’s begun. 

Fortunately, you can ease the hurt and protect your cartilage as early as now. Here are 4 tips you can follow to delay it from happening.

Lose the extra weight

This is a common one. Slimming down helps take the stress off your hips and knees. It’s been discovered that for every pound a person loses, he loosens knee pressure by 4 pounds! That’s a lot of pressure taken out! This in itself already decreases the wear and tear effect joints feel. Furthermore, we delay the build-up of arthritis once we lose a great deal of weight.

Make time for exercise

Arthritis pains may want you to stay away from aerobics and other cardio work, but studies say that the more you keep yourself from consistent movement, the more you worsen your bone structure. Exercising regularly gets your heart pumping, thus improving blood flow. When this happens, your cartilage is guaranteed to be healthier and well-nourished. Try to maintain a certain level of physical activity if you’re one who naturally lives a sedentary lifestyle. Unless your body can take it, avoid high-impact exercises such as running, jumping, and lifting.   Equally great alternatives are cycling, walking, and swimming. At the very least, aim for half an hour of exercise for the majority of the week. 

Build muscle

Once you build firmer muscles surrounding your joints, you feel more able to move around freely. This helps your body absorb much of the tension that usually courses through your joints as you move around. 

Don’t forget to stretch daily

Stretching every day betters your capacity to move your joints. Doing so not only counters stiffness but also safeguards cartilage from tearing. The more your joints experience movement, the better-nourished your cartilage gets. Pilates and yoga are perfect activities that help you get into the groove of stretching. If you can, start by doing yoga at least twice a week. Don’t even worry about not being able to ace positions. Yoga instructors understand that we all have different limits. What’s important is you try. 

Furthermore, taking the right dietary supplements also helps you delay arthritis. Be smart about what you consume for yourself, and don’t forget to do your research!

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