The Best Dewy Skin Is The One You’re Born In

The Best Dewy Skin Is The One You’re Born In

By Karen Fernandez

You’ve seen the phenomenal shift in beauty trends. From the contoured, matte skin comes the dewy skin. K-pop idols, movie stars, and runway models are all sporting the pore-less, glass skin that looks ultimately softer and more flattering. You can get the very same look with a moisturizing foundation, longevity primer, highlighter, cream formula powder blush, hydrating lippie…



What if we told you that you can get that natural dewy skin WITHOUT make-up? Yup, dewy skin that’s literally all-natural, all yours. All it takes is following this simple routine.


  • FIRST, DRINK MORE WATER. Seems so basic but this is backed by science. Aside from keeping you hydrated, water can increase the blood circulation to your skin and helps prevent wrinkles.


  • GET ENOUGH SLEEP. Acne breakouts, dry skin, quick aging –these happen when your skin is tired. The more you sleep, the more you can maintain a supple, well-rested face.


  • USE A QUALITY CLEANSER. Remove dirt and oils from your pores with a hydrating cleanser infused with Hyaluronic Acid. Its Vitamins A and E content gently condition your skin for a smooth feel, too.

  • FOLLOW UP WITH A HYDRATING TONER. Patting this into your skin stimulates circulation that gets you that healthy glow. A toner with antioxidants and essential fatty acids gets you vibrance.


  • EXFOLIATE REGULARLY. A hydrating scrub helps buff away dead layers of skin to reveal a brighter complexion underneath. A scrub with organic botanicals like aloe vera also help limit skin damage.


  • MASSAGE IN FACE OIL. Hyaluronic Acid in oil form is a boost of hydration. It pulls in water to the outer skin layer, enhancing radiance, smoothness, and even throws in a plumping effect.
  • USE SPF DAILY. The Ceramides and Niacinamide in sunscreens nourish your skin to make you look naturally radiant. On top of protecting you from sunburn, SPF slows down skin aging and prevents wrinkles.


  • EMBRACE SKIN MISTS. Hydrate on the go with a good spritz of water, essential oils, glycerin, and panthenol combo. Spritz through out the day and dry skin won’t have a chance.


  • LIVE CLEAN. Of course, avoiding nasty habits like picking at your face, smoking, and eating too much dairy is a huge help, too. Instead, eat fruits and vegetables, choose fresh air and sunshine, exercise regularly. And let that dewy skin glow all on its own.

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