Green Coffee Bean The Latest Diet Craze for Titas of Manila
In the hands that carry coffee beans

Green Coffee Bean The Latest Diet Craze for Titas of Manila

Say hi to green coffee bean. If you’re currently on the search of the best supplement that can help you burn fat fast, not to mention the annoying belly fat, girl, this one if definitely for you. 

Weight loss has been a math equation plenty of scientists and scholars have been committed to solving for years and years. In fact, new studies dedicated to getting rid of that excess fat continue to surface almost every single day. If you’re on the same page and you’re doing your research about the topic, you might want to look into green coffee bean.


It’s presently one of the globe’s most famous supplements that effectively aid in weight loss. 

Doesn’t ring a bell? Keep reading. 

As the name spells out, green coffee bean is extracted from, well, green coffee beans. It’s packed with Chlorogenic acid, a substance that’s said to contribute to one’s weight loss. In all its simple glory, green coffee beans are essentially just coffee beans that haven’t been roasted. Fundamentally, coffee beans are green. They only become brown once they’re processed. 


It isn’t surprising information to say that coffee beans are packed with pharmacologic-ally active compounds and antioxidants. This shouldn’t be shocking to us as there are equally several essays, papers, and studies that talk about how coffee is beneficial to the human body. 


Here’s a trivia: two of coffee’s most prominent compounds are, as mentioned, Chlorogenic acid and, as expected, caffeine. Sadly, the majority of the latter is eliminated when beans are roasted. This is unfortunate news in that it is Chlorogenic acid that primarily takes care of fat elimination. As a result, regular coffee beans don’t carry the same promising weight loss effects.


Are green coffee bean extracts really effective?


Like the numerous discoveries, there are in coffee in general, multiple studies involving green coffee bean extracts have been made, too. One particular research consisted of 30 obese people. These individuals were divided into two groups and were made to consume regular instant coffee and instant coffee with green coffee bean extracts. 

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The experiment lasted for 12 weeks and did not include scheduled workouts or a change in eating patterns. By the end of the study, it was found that the group whose coffee had green coffee bean extracts lost more weight; specifically, a 3.6% plunge in body fat. The other group lost only 0.7%. 

To conclude, so much can be said about weight loss and the varying journeys to get there. People are different, and different things work for different people. Keep up a healthy lifestyle devoid of harmful effects in the long run. Find an exercise program and a diet plan that suits your body type and needs—and while you’re at it, you may as well include free coffee beans in your expedition to fitness. 


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