Work Out without Wearing Out your Joints
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Work Out without Wearing Out your Joints

By Karen Fernandez

You really, REALLY, want to work out to strengthen your body and protect your bones. Problem is, your joints seem to have painful issues with exercise. Ironic, isn’t it?

One thing you have to realize is that not all workouts are created equal. Perhaps low-impact exercises are more your speed. Although not as weight-bearing as high-impact routines, the following exercises can still give you the same body and bone health benefits without stressing your joints to the point of wear and tear.

SWIMMING. By far, the most popular low-impact exercise out there. Under water resistance, swimming is a full body workout that doesn’t put a strain on your joints. It helps build the muscles of your whole body. And you can adjust its intensity as you please.


ROWING. Whether done outdoors or on a rowing machine at the gym, this exercise gives you a good upper body workout, strengthens your legs and back, and burns major calories. The best news, no major joint tension here.


YOGA. This routine burns calories, strengthens your core, and adds flexibility to your muscles. It also reduces arthritis pain, improves your joint function, and builds strength to your bones –all the while promoting relaxation.


CYCLING. It’s a good muscle workout because you get to use all your major muscle groups as you pedal. This, without putting your knees through a pounding. A neat plus: Cycling gets you out of the house for some fresh air and sunshine.


WALKING. Easy on the joints and easy to do, walking helps maintain bone mass, slows the development of arthritis, reduces the risk of osteoporosis, even increases your joints’ range of motion. And all you have to is take one step at a time.




There you have it. Low-impact exercises that are just as effective as high-impact exercises without the joint pain. Go try them all to see which suits you best.

And while you’re at it, you may want to take some natural supplements that can lubricate your joints to prevent friction and thinning.

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