Being Vegan In Korea

Being Vegan In Korea

Traveling To Korea? Here Are A Few Tips For Vegan Tourists

Veganism is really starting to gain its footing, even in countries like Korea, which is famous across Asia for its delicious Korean barbeque or samgyeopsal.

However, to sustain a vegan lifestyle in Korea can be particularly challenging, especially when most traditional Korean recipes still contain some sort of fish and/or animal product.

For example, kimchi is typically made with fermented shrimp, tofu soups and stews use seafood to add depth and flavor to the meal, and bibimbap contains a good amount of beef.

If you’re a vegan who is about to visit this meat-heavy country, don’t worry. There are a lot of things you can do to navigate your way through, food-wise:

Learn useful Korean phrases that can help you order vegan food.

While there are a lot of vegetarians living in Korea, the concept of not eating meat is still relatively foreign to most restaurant owners. In fact, there isn’t even a Korean word for “vegetarian,” let alone vegan. This is why when you’re in Korea, you have to be very specific about what you can and cannot eat — as even vegetable dishes aren’t guaranteed to be vegan-friendly.

For example, learn how to say, phrases like “Gogihago gyeran nuhji maseyo,” which means “Please don’t put meat or eggs in it.” This way, you can make it a bit easier for those preparing your food to understand your need for a vegan dish.

Befriend locals who know where the vegan-friendly restaurants are.

What better way is there to get shown around the best Korean restaurants than by asking a local for a tour? Even if they aren’t vegan, at least they’ll know which restaurants allow these types of requests. You can even search for vegan communities on Facebook who can hook you up with amazing vegan restaurants.

Explore the supermarkets and cook your own food.

If you’ll be visiting there for a while, it may benefit you to shop at the supermarket and prepare your own food. This way, you’ll have food items ready if you just want to whip up a quick vegan meal for yourself during some days when you don’t want to eat out. This can also save you a lot of money as well!

Bring vegan essentials during your visit.

Still, while there are a lot of ways you can adopt a vegan lifestyle in Korea, it can prove to be very convenient to bring what vegan essentials you have with you, including vegan-friendly toiletries, supplies, and food supplements.

Looking for vegan supplements in Korea can be quite challenging and time-consuming, so be sure to bring some with you on your travel. Primelife’s Reveal Age-Defying Formula can be ordered through our website, so you can stay youthful during your travels. Also, it is completely vegan-friendly, and contains 16 other effective natural ingredients that will make your skin look more radiant, plump, and glowing — even through the long wait in the airport going to Korea!


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