Stuck in Traffic? De-Stress With These Tricks!

Stuck in Traffic? De-Stress With These Tricks!

Another day, another commute, another traffic.

It’s unfortunate but traffic has become a part of our daily grind. With roads full of anger and noise it’s not surprising that facing traffic takes a toll on our calm demeanor and expectations of a good day.

However just because traffic is everywhere doesn’t mean that we should let it consume us and sully our entire day. With that said, take a deep breath, don’t distress, and de-stress the traffic woes with these tricks!

  1. Jam along to the right playlist

Listening to music lightens up the mood and makes the world (or the road) a better place. Jamming to favorite tunes also passes the time and takes the mind off chaos. Mix and match a playlist depending on genre and shuffle, repeat, and loop to the beat!

BONUS: Put some twist by adding a playlist of entertaining podcasts / audiobooks to keep the story going!

  1. Dress comfortably

Long day (or drive) ahead? Put on some comfy shoes and light clothing when driving. Be casual for that relaxing feel before dressing formally. Plus! It’s nice to change into something lightweight after a hard day’s work!

  1. Stay calm with an air freshener

From fruits to floral scents, adding a soothing air freshener with aromatherapy effects can lift up the surrounding traffic madness. No freshener? Bring some handy essential oils like White Flower for that much-needed moment of calm.

  1. Practice mindfulness driving

Mindfulness driving is similar to meditation, where we are aware and become “one” with the road to find calm and peace within all the turmoil. However also put to mind that when in the state of being mindful avoiding any kind of accident is also vital (don’t close your eyes, be aware of the rules).

Here’s how to do this: before ignition sit still and keep your eyes closed for one minute, put everything into silent mode (phone and radio), be attentive and focus on everything that passes by (landscape, people, etc.), and resist any emotion of anger and temptation.

  1. Relax with RELAX!

Traffic stress is applicable to all walks of life. Before dealing with the road take RELAX: an all-natural stress and anxiety formula which alleviates heightened stress and blood pressure levels, improves overall mood, and sleep!

RELAX is made up of 18 non-GMO ingredients and an advanced multivitamin and mineral complex that help promote cognitive health, reduce stress and anxiety, balance mood, and

Regulate the body’s hormones for improved long-term well-being.

It’s named RELAX for a purpose and does its job well. The next road trip or commute grind take a RELAX chill pill to start the day calmly!

In a traffic jam right now? Check out our blog to de-stress the beeping horns away!

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