Wrinkle Warning for the Thirty-Something

Wrinkle Warning for the Thirty-Something

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What?! You’re barely in your mid-thirties and you have wrinkles already?! Say it isn’t so!

Okay, the truth is, those lines and creases on your face don’t only crop up because of age. Sometimes, they do because of some seemingly harmless things you do. So let this list be your premature wrinkle warning.

STRAWS SUCK. If you’re that person who routinely sips through a straw–well, here’s news for you. That sipping action accentuates your facial muscles where fine lines can appear. The more you use those muscles, the more the lines will become more noticeable overtime.

PILLOWCASES ARE PROBLEMATIC. Unless they’re chic satin and silk. Pillowcases made out of rough fabric like cotton and polyester has the tendency to tug at your cheek and leave creases. The nightly friction can develop these creases into permanent wrinkles.

SIDE-SLEEPING STINGS. You can’t sleep any other way than on your side? You may want to reconsider. When the weight of your head constantly presses your cheek down on fabric, fine lines can develop there. Sleeping on your back is a better option.

NO WORKOUT, YES WRINKLES. What does exercise have to do with a smoother face? Just as a workout tones your body, it tones your skin, too. Staying active not only slows down the signs of skin aging, it can reverse them as well.

EXFOLIATION GONE WRONG. Exfoliation is a good thing if you’re doing it right. Too much face scrubbing, however, can aggravate your skin and leave it raw. Your best bet is to consult with a dermatologist to know the proper exfoliating method for your skin type.

THIRST HURTS. Not drinking enough water dehydrates your skin just as it dehydrates your body. And you know what that means. A dry face with cracks and crevices. Drink half your weight in ounces of water per day. A hydrated body can only mean a refreshed face.
TEXTING TRIGGERS. Do you always look down on your phone to text, check your email, or surf through the net? This simple action, especially since you do it nearly 24/7, can eventually cause rings to show up on your neck. A good advice is to maintain good posture even when you’re stuck to your phone.

You may not know it, but repeat motions can give you wrinkles faster than your natural aging process will. So heed these warnings. If you’re able to prevent wrinkles this early, you’ve already won half the battle. Know more about anti-aging here:


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