White Meat and Whole Wheat: Healthy Foods to Eat

White Meat and Whole Wheat: Healthy Foods to Eat

There’s a lot of debate as to whether or not going vegan is the best way to improve overall health. Are veggies really the only healthy foods to eat?

To an extent, being a complete vegetarian does have many nutritional benefits, but it isn’t for everyone. Some experts argue that people can be stripped off of natural minerals meat can offer, while others simply say it isn’t sustainable.

Healthy foods to eat: is white meat really better than red?

Another debate in the food circle is whether or not white meat really is better than red. There are hundreds of articles online that say both provide the same effects when eaten in excess, but the bottom line remains the same: white meat is packed with more unsaturated fat—which ultimately is still better.

Red meat, on the other hand, naturally has more saturated fat. Both saturated and trans fats have a direct effect on your blood cholesterol and can worsen your heart condition. This is why those who bite a little too much into the bacon side of the kitchen are very prone to getting sick.

Furthermore, it’s general knowledge to state that eating a lot of meat isn’t recommended when one is in the active journey to lose weight. Additionally, overeating meat is also largely attributed to getting a cardiac arrest or a heart disease.

The point here is this: while meat, in general, does contribute protein and energy to the human body, anything in excess is bad for your health.

Healthy foods to eat: is wheat really good for you?

To start, it’s best to mention that there’s a huge distinction between white wheat and whole wheat. Plenty of people are quick to assume that wheat, in general, is bad for us. But we shouldn’t be confused as to which kind of wheat isn’t healthy.

Whole wheat contains bran. As such, it’s high in fiber, has valuable vitamins and minerals, and is packed with antioxidants. Comparatively, white wheat doesn’t provide the same beneficial science.

If you’re hell-bent on keeping a strict diet, look for breads that have the “100% whole grain” label. The “whole wheat” sign should be a good indication, too. If the pack only says wheat—and not whole wheat—it’s probably just white wheat.

Who knew that shopping for loaves of bread could be tedious, too? Is there anything else we should include in our list of healthy foods to eat? Tell us in the comment section!

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